Traditional Festivals


The most famous celebrations are the festivals to honor the saint-protector of each village.  In all the regional districts of Crete, each village celebrates its saints with music, food and traditional Cretan dancing. Most festivals take place during the summer months, culminating in mid-August, when hundreds of festivals take place simultaneously across the whole island.


The following religious feasts and celebrations are taking place in Chania regional unit.


Agios Ioannis Sfakion, St John’s Feast, May 8th: Traditional festival of Sfakia.

Azogyre, The Holy Fathers’Feast, October 7th: In the beautiful village with the visitable impressive cave of the Holy Fathers.

Aradaina, Archangel Michael’s Day, November 8th: Directly above the impressive gorge of Aradaina, in the deserted but beautiful village.

Asi Gonia, St. George’s Day
, April 23rd or after Easter Day: A big festival. All the shepherds of the area bring their animals to the mass in order to be blessed, then they milk them and distribute the milk to the pilgrims.

Elos, Agios Dikaios,May 6th: Extraordinary view and a unique fair.

Therisso, Assumption of the Mother of God, August 15th: In the beautiful village where Eleftherios Venizelos declared the revolution of 1905.

Kandanos, the Ascension ofChrist (1)

Koustogerago, St Catherine, November 25th: High over Koustogerago with majestic view to the fair which is also to commemorate the rescue of the rebels that were hiding themselves from the Germans in a cave there.

Lissos, St Kyrikos, July 15th: The pilgrims start arriving ancient Lissos on foot or in boats from Sougiaγια early in the afternoon of the previous day. A real fair of Selino in a mythical place.

Paleochora, Annunciation of the Mother of God, March 25th: Many musical instruments and happy atmoshereσ’ The entire Paleochora, in the beginning of spring.

Sembronas, Apopigadi, St. John’s, June 24th: One of the feasts, that take place on a very high location, with an incredible view.

Sougia, Harey, St. Antony 1-2 of July: Unique traditional fair at the seaside small church which is situated in Harey. The route on foot from through the E4 path that lead from Sougia to Agia Roumeli lasts two hours with the unique background of the Lybian sea and piney slopes. It is possible to go there also by boat from Sougia. Overnight stay outdoor.

Strovles, Holy Ghost’s (2)

Sfakia, Thymiani Panagia, last Sunday of May.

Chrysoskalitissa, the Assumption of the Virgin, August 15th: At the beautiful monastery, which is a real «balcony» to the Lybian Sea a famous festival takes place.

Frangokastello, St. Nikitas’, September 15th: Big festival during which riding races take place.

Floria, Michael Archangel’s, November 8th: Small traditional festival.

Other excellent festivals, by date, are the following:

August 6th, the Transfiguration: Ksirosterni, Tzitzife, Karres of Kissamos, Sassalo

August 15the the Assymption of the Virgin: Voulgaro Panagia of the Summit, Kolympari Gonia, Pemonia, Fre, Eksopolis, Litsarda, Alikampo, Kefala, Kalikrati, Koustogerago

August 29th, John the Precursor’s: Rodopou Gionas, Douliana, Stylos, Kournas

September 8th, το Birth of the Mother of Christ: Gavalohori, Tzitzife, Sassalo

September 14th, Feast of the Holy Cross: Nippos, Rodovani
September 15th St. Nikitas’: Kampia

(1) The feast has no date, because it is «movable» – 40 days after the Orthodox Easter
(2) The feast has no date because it is «movable» – 50 days after the Orthodox Easter


The following religious feasts and celebrations are taking place in Rethymnon regional unit.



Festival of  Ipapantis (Mariou)


Celebration festival of Saint Georgios (Zoniana, Plakias)


Celebration festival of Saints Konstantinos and Eleni (Axos)


Festival of  Analipsi ( Anoghia )
Festivities of Klidona ( Panormos )
Festival of  Analipsi ( Panormos )


Celebration Festival of  saint Panteleimon (Adele, Chromonastiri )
Celebration Festival of  saint Ilias ( Eleutherna )


Celebration events of Mother  Maria ( AgiaGalini, Koxare , SeliaAxos )
Celebration festival of Mother Maria of the village Charakas (Bali)

Celebration of Stavros ( Axos )
Celebration events of Mother Maria ( Miriokefala , Lefkogia )



The roots of the modern cultural events are to be found in the festivals and celebrations that were held in the countryside of Crete on the occasion of mainly religious holidays.

In many Cretan villages, on the initiative of cultural associations or the local people, festivals are still organised. They are the occasion for local people to gather together, and at the same time encourages preservation of the customs and traditions of the place.


June 24th Festival of Ai-Yianni Klidona, Municipality of Gortyna, Archanes – Asterousia

June 29th Festival of the Apostles Peter and Paul (Petros and Pavlos), Municipality of Phaistos

July 17th Festival of Agia Marina, Municipality of Malevizi, Minoa Pediada

July 27th Festival of Agios Panteleimonas, Municipalities of Archanes – Asterousia Malevizi, Viannou, Phaistos

August 6th Festival of the Transfiguration of the Saviour (Metamorphosis tou Sotira), Minoa Pediada

August 8th Festival of Agios Myronas, Municipality of Gortyna

August 15th Festival of Our Lady (Tis Panagias) Municipality of Heraklion, Malevizi Phaistos Peninsula

August 25th The great festival of Agios Titos, Municipality of Heraklion

September 8th Festival with music and dance at the Monastery of Kera, Municipality of Hersonissos

October 26th Festival of Agios Dimitrios, Municipality of Hersonissos

November 3th Festival at the Monastery of Epanosifis, Municipality of Gortyna

November 8th Grand festival of Agios Minas, Municipality of Heraklion

November 30th Festival of Agios Andreas, Minoa Pediada

December 4th Festival of Agia Varvara, Municipality of Gortyna

December 23rd Festival of the Ten Saints (Agion Deka), Municipality of Gortyna

March 25th Festival of the Annunciation (Evaggelismou), Municipality of Heraklion

April 23rd Festival of St. George (Agios Georgios, Municipality of Gortyna

May 5th Festival of Agia Eirini, Municipality of Malevizi

May 21st Festival of Agion Konstantinos and Eleni, Minoa Pediada


The following religious feasts and celebrations are taking place in Lasithi regional unit.


The three Prelates, 30/1 in Psihro Lasithiou.

Saint George, 23/4. In Skalia close to village Sitanos

Saint John the Theologian, 8/5. In Marmaketo

Holy Trinity, 4/6. Palaikastro and Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity, 4/6. Armenoi/Sitia

Saints Kosmas and Damianos, 1/7. Mesa Lasithaki. Panlasithian feast

Saint Marina, 17/7. In Exo Mouliana, in Myrsini and Praissos

Prophet Elias, 20/7. In Mesa Mouliana

Saint Paraskevi, 26/7. In Ziros, in Tourtouloi and in Agia Triada

St Panteleeimon, 27/7. In Roussa Ekklisia, in Chamezi and in Skinokapsala

Transfiguration of Christ at the Mt Thabor 6/8. In Exo Mouliana, in Agios Stefanos and in Zakros

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven Eve,14/8. In Maronia

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven, 15/8. In Palaikastro, Lastros, Piskokefalo, Tourloti, Sitanos

Saint John, 29/8. In Ziros

Saint John the Baptist 29/8. In Dafni

Nativity of the Blesses Virgin Mary, 8/9. In Lithines.

Holy Cross, 14/9. In Sfaka

Saint Sofia, 17/9. Armenoi/Sitia

Saint Ariadni, 18/9, Tzermiado. The only church under that name in Crete

Saint Catherine, 25/11. In Sitia

Saint Anna, 9/12. in Piskokefalo